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Mar 09, 2011

RezMan - Sports Software

Integrated Sports Systems (ISS) Inc.
providing software solutions for all sporting needs.
Competition entry forms and Live Results
to handheld scoring interfaces.
FINA Synchronised Swimming Rules Implemented Nov. 2010

This website is hosted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and controlled by a Canadian Corporation.

Results   Dive Sheet Generator   
RezMan    DD Lookup
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Competition Management Solutions

Upcoming Events
The Sting
Other Results
2011 Alberta Provincials (7MB)
2011 Senior Nationals Results Booklet
CAMO DVD missing boys platform C
download here 355MB
New Results Posted March 2011
2011 Vaughan Baird Classic Results Book
2011 Senior Winter Nationals
2011 Forest City Invitational
2011 BC Provincials
2011 AB Provincials
2011 NL Provincials

Meet Management Software

 ISS MMS DIVING update Jan. 19, 2011

Download Sample Event
Download Rules Files

Download Updated DD Files

Other Diving Tools

 RezMan Personal and Professional now available.The Results Manager.

 Web Masters : Include our results on your web site. Just copy/paste 3 lines of code.

 National / Provincial and club membership with Clublink - class scheduling, member finances, Export membership, hundreds of reports and more.

 DD Lookup - lookup the DD for any dive, any board, any position from our web site or your PC.

Lookup up a DD on the web now!

 Host of worldwide diving results - view the results on-line or get RezMan and compare the results from your own PC. Monitor a diver’s progress over time and compare divers with powerful graphs and charts. See screen shots.

  What’s New 

 VISTA and Windows 7
    Dive Sheet Generators and ISS MMS.
 Canadian Dive Sheet Generators 11.3.0
 ISS MMS Tumbling & Trampoline v 2.2
 ISS MMS Synchronized Swimming v 2.8
 Georgia high school Dive Sheet Generator
 USA Dive Sheet Generator 10.1.0
 Run Event 32 version 1.5 (Diving)
 ISS MMS Diving 3.9 Evaluation and Download

Results   Live Results    Software

 ISS MMS 2.8 released March 8, 2011
 Welcome Synchro Canada.
 ISS MMS Competition Management
      Software. Evaluation and Download.

Tumbling & Trampoline

 Software Update March 9, 2011
 Welcome Gymnastics Canada.
 ISS MMS Competition Management
      Software. Evaluation and Download.

Results Booklets
2010 Canadian Nationals, May 26-29 10MB

Frequently Asked Questions

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RezMan Group Edition

 Athlete skills tracker - with RezMan Group Edition. You define performance criteria for an unlimited number of groups of athletes. Track them over time, report and graph the results. Graph more than one athlete at once.

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