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Last Modified
Feb 14, 2010

Competition Solutions

Information Flowchart

A Full Suite of Competition Management Solutions
 ISS MMS is the Diving Meet Management Suite !
           Order yours now. Demo available.


Integrated Sports Systems Meet Management Suite

Hardware Layout

  • Entries
  • Points
  • Finances
  • All Required Reports
  • Bilingual (English/French)
  • Run Event Software
  • On-Line Registration


Facility Results

Image TV Display

  • Video Projector Displays
  • Commentator Interface (TV-RF, SVHS or PC Monitor)

Image Projector Display


Live Internet Results - Demo


  • Live Results
  • Chat Room
  • Streaming Video with Sound
  • Resuls Archiving


Scoreboard Interface

Image Scoreboard Display

  • Venus 7000
  • UNT 4
  • Single Line Number Boards


Dive Sheet Generators



Great Britain

United States


Results Management



Omega ARES 21 Interface

  • Export EVT files to ARES 21 Diving
  • Accept keypad scores directly into the Run Event software
    • Generate XML output
    • Generate and upload HTML results
    • Generate EVT files


Daktronics OmniSport 2000 Interface


  • Export EVT files to OmniSport 2000 (max 25 divers)
  • Accept keypad scores directly into the Run Event software
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