Enhancing Sports Management Through Technology


Results Management and Analysis

ISS provides results management and analysis through a unique, customized program called Rezman.
Rezman enables users to access historical competition results and summarize the results using customizable queries. Outputs include text and graph formats. The data can be analyzed based on individual athletes and teams as well as complete judging analysis.

Rezman gives you the ability to compile detailed reports on every aspect of your athletes` performances, compare to previous performances and competitors as well as identify performance patterns. This level of analysis provides enhanced coach and athlete accountability and improves Sport Canada compliance.
Rezman is a powerful tool and can be instrumental for increased success with any funding submission.

Competition Management Software

Running competitions for a variety of judged sports

ISS Meet Management Software and Services provide customers with a complete competition package from beginning to end. Whether you`re simply looking for software to run your competition or you need a team of professionals to assist your volunteers to pull off a professional , TV ready event, we can help.

Options include:

  • Electronic participant registration
  • Competition rule customization
  • Instant score display
  • Live on-line results and streaming video
  • Complete, detailed results reporting in PDF format

Video Storage and Access

As part of our Competition Management Services, we can video record your complete event. Members can access and review the video based on the whole completion, a single event or an individual participant. Members can also cross reference by requesting to view the same event or the same athlete at various competitions.

DC 204 Sports Timer

Measuring the Difference

The DC204 allows users to connect two timing devices (touchpad, start system, starting block, etc...), and with the use of a PC or laptop, to time their perfomance.

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