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Latest Versions

Run Event 5.01 Feb 2024
ISS MMS 5.07 Feb 2024
Display Results Sept 2018
Dive Sheet Generator Diver 17.4 Nov 2023
Dive Sheet Generator Coach 17.4 Nov 2023

What`s New

  • V5.01 Run Event: Selecting Girls and boys was displaying Gender Inclusive on the scoreboard interface.
  • V5.07 Canadian Rules : C1 armstands were 1.6, they have been corrected to 1.9
  • V5.06 Some results were not printing in rank order.
  • V5.05 New Canadian 2023-2024 rules
  • V5.04 Inclusion of gender (O=Open, G = Gender Inclusive)
  • V5.04 Team Event
  • V5.04 High Diving
  • V5.03 C Group : On 1M, none or only 1 (one) dive shall be 202C, 302C, 402C
  • V5.02 Downloaded new rules will not generate an error after downloading the current rules.
  • V5.02 Additions / Modifications to Canadian rules :
  • V5.02 D Group : On 1M, none or only 1 (one) dive shall be 202C, 302C, 402C
  • V5.02 C Group 1M : On 1M, none or only 1 (one) dive shall be 202C, 302C, 402C
  • V5.02 Removed all previous C Group Rule checking.
  • V5.02 B Group One dive must be from group 100 or 400
  • V5.02 B Group One dive must be from group 200 or 300
  • V5.02 Bug fix : Printing HD dive sheets.
  • V5.01 Changing one synchro team member to exhibition changes the other diver to exhibition.
  • V5.01 Addition of the Team Event
  • V5.01 Addition of High Diving
  • V5.01 Events with Participant Count report will only show events with participation.
  • V5.01 Custom event name (set in the timetable).
  • V5.01 Updated 2023 Canadian Rules and removed Canadian T2 rules.
  • V4.56 Enhancements to the XML file.
  • V4.56 Downloading DD List. We changed servers
  • V4.56 Minor software updates.
  • V4.56 The programs no longer crash if you unplug an extended monitor.
  • Dive Sheet Generators 17.3: One more service provider fix. Bug fix uploading dive sheets
  • V4.54 Canadian 2022 Rules bug fixe with C2
  • V4.53 New Canadian 2022 Rules
  • Dive Sheet Generators 17.2: We changed service providers. All older versions no longer have internet access.
  • V4.47 Bug fix. The wrong dive displayed a DD error if we had cuts in the event. Just a visual irritant
  • V4.46 Internet integration for Divemeets
  • V4.45 Fix to Canadian Rules. BUG: Event fees were charged for C and D group finals
  • V4.44 Fix to Canadian Rules. BUG: Modifying a platform list would make all dives illegal
  • V4.43 XML Scoreboard integration with Run Event

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