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Latest Versions

Run Event 4.56 Oct 2019
ISS MMS 4.56 Feb 2022
Display Results Sept 2018
Dive Sheet Generator Diver 17.3 March 2022
Dive Sheet Generator Coach 17.3 March 2022

How to upgrade
 to version 4.0

Already on 3.9 or higher? You can upgrade directly

  1. Export any current competition
  2. Save all your exported competitions to a new location
  3. Uninstall existing software
  4. Install the current version

What`s New

  • V4.56 Enhancements to the XML file.
  • V4.56 Downloading DD List. We changed servers
  • V4.56 Minor software updates.
  • V4.56 The programs no longer crash if you unplug an extended monitor.
  • Dive Sheet Generators 17.3: One more service provider fix. Bug fix uploading dive sheets
  • V4.54 Canadian 2022 Rules bug fixe with C2
  • V4.53 New Canadian 2022 Rules
  • Dive Sheet Generators 17.2: We changed service providers. All older versions no longer have internet access.
  • V4.47 Bug fix. The wrong dive displayed a DD error if we had cuts in the event. Just a visual irritant
  • V4.46 Internet integration for Divemeets
  • V4.45 Fix to Canadian Rules. BUG: Event fees were charged for C and D group finals
  • V4.44 Fix to Canadian Rules. BUG: Modifying a platform list would make all dives illegal
  • V4.43 XML Scoreboard integration with Run Event

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