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Tricaster ARES 21 Interface

Integrated Sports Systems (ISS) Inc. has a Tricaster LiveText data integration solution for the Omega ARES 21 timing console. The solution contains a complete graphics package with your organization logo, watermark and event logo.

Ares 21 Ares 21


Confirm with your broadcaster that they are using LiveText 2.0 or higher for the Tricaster. Confirm with your Omega ARES 21 operator that they are outputting to the scoreboard using the Omega UNT4 w. retrofit protocol or Galactica 3000 protocol.Confirm with your broadcaster that they can accept an RS485 -> RS232 (serial) data feed from the ARES 21. Custom cable available upon request.


The graphic sequence is managed by the Tricaster operator. The data interface solution is owned by Integrated Sports Systems (ISS) Inc. and is licensed to Water Polo Canada. The solution can be used for any Water Polo or FINA sanctioned competition.
The optional graphic package is the property of the client but is not proprietary. ISS retains all rights to reuse and resell the graphics package without the consent of the client provided no client specific images/logos/branding are used.

Diving Interface:

ISS has a Tricaster LiveText data integration solution for diving using ISS MMS competition management software. If the event is run using the ARES 21, the solution can be run regardless of competition management software.

Screen Layouts:

Graphics are semi-transparent.
Backgrounds have been added for effect.

Event Title

NOTE: The swimmer graphic can be replaced by your event logo. The USA Swimming branding logo will be removed or replaced by your organization logo.

Start List

NOTE: The USA Swimming watermark will be removed or replaced by your organization logo.
NOTE: The start list is available in 8 and 10 lane formats.

Start List - Broadcast Sample

Athlete Presentation

Before the Start

Race in Progress

At the Turn - Delta



Rankings - Broadcast Sample