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 Apr 02, 2008


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What's New 5.4d pre-release

+ Implementation of Gym Sask
+ Additonal membership reconciliation report Detailed-2.xls with summary totals for levels 1+2 only
+ Typing too fast when looking up a member will not freeze the system
+ Export Options have their options reordered from easiest to most challenging
+ Member verification form will always show clublink members in alphabetical order
+ Member verification; when looking up a member that is considered "new", we will lookup by first and last name, not only last name
+ Modifying linked registration options only for already active members will prep them for internet upload
+ Central Office Error report is sorted by club,role,name.
+ Ability to report on Group Fees (for export to excel)
+ Class Level button to open the Member Folder
+ The Open Member Folder button in Member Level has been moved from the Misc tabbed page to the buttons at the top
+ The Child Tax Credit (Receipt) will show all the details of all of the payments regardless of what info is entered on the fee assessments tabbed page
+ Fixed: Club Level, central office, mailing label always open while navigating. can't change the mailing address.
+ Print schedule menu option works again (we had to  use the button)
+ Backing up a password protected clublink will not prompt for a password reset
+ When changing categories on the registration form it checks the age based on the previously selected category not the one we just changed to.
+ Changing a city will trigger Internet Registration
+ If we make a member inactive, they only get deleted from the Internet Registration list if it is done by a club
+ Male/Female are counted in the statistics report

What's New Utilities 5.4d
+ Option for active only clubs in member level master club list and export list
+ Option to see additional roles in member level. The screen will widen and a drop down list will appear if a member is in more than one role.
+ Option to not automatically check the Central Office fee when registering members
+ Option to not automatically check the Club fee when registering members
+ Option to save pdf invoices and receipt to the Member Folder instead of a dated directory

What's New Clublink 5.4
+ Easier Search using Last Name,First Name
+ Birthday wishes from any Drop Button
+ Report button menu option to generate mailing labels in excel (no duplicates)
+ Report button menu option to delete all members on the drop button from Clublink
+ Ability to remove men or women from any drop button
+ Child's birthdate appears on the Invoice
+ Invoice option to show taxes
+ Permanently remove a report from the report list on any drop button
+ Show club membership statistics from the Report menu in Member Level
+ Drag members from the phone lookup list directly onto a scheduled class without having to open the class first.
+ Class fee descriptions with a zero amount will appear on the member worksheet.
+ Copy a member's mailing address to the clipboard
+ Copy and paste a registration form to and from the clipboard
+ Receiving the Central Office Setup Disk no longer blanks out Club assigned fees.
+ Individual payment receipt and full account receipts available (Child Tax Credits)
+ Build and print custom attendance forms

This update is only available to registered users of Clublink. Please submit the contact information below for verification. The download instructions will be e-mailed to you.



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