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Clublink 5.5

  • New Report Builder : Member Level reports menu. It's awesome
  • Ability to report on Group Fees (for export to excel)
  • The Child Tax Credit (Receipt) will show all the details of all of the payments regardless of what info is entered on the fee assessments tabbed page
  • Family Financial mode only applies to members that have phone numbers
  • Hour and minute are included in financial report titles
  • Drag n drop keywords onto a drop button, you will be asked if the drop is role specific
  • Drop button ability to remove all inactive members or remove all active members
  • Attendance form option to show class status (OK,Waiting,Makeup In,Makeup Out,Makeup,Pending,Trial)
  • Select from a list of Invoice notes when generating an invoice

Clublink 5.4d

  • Implementation of Gym Sask
  • Additonal membership reconciliation report Detailed-2.xls with summary totals for levels 1+2 only
  • Typing too fast when looking up a member will not freeze the system
  • Export Options have their options reordered from easiest to most challenging
  • Member verification form will always show clublink members in alphabetical order
  • Member verification; when looking up a member that is considered "new", we will lookup by first and last name, not only last name
  • Modifying linked registration options only for already active members will prep them for internet upload
  • Central Office Error report is sorted by club,role,name.
  • Ability to report on Group Fees (for export to excel)
  • Class Level button to open the Member Folder
  • The Open Member Folder button in Member Level has been moved from the Misc tabbed page to the buttons at the top
  • The Child Tax Credit (Receipt) will show all the details of all of the payments regardless of what info is entered on the fee assessments tabbed page
  • Fixed: Club Level, central office, mailing label always open while navigating. can't change the mailing address.
  • Print schedule menu option works again (we had to  use the button)
  • Backing up a password protected clublink will not prompt for a password reset
  • When changing categories on the registration form it checks the age based on the previously selected category not the one we just changed to.
  • Changing a city will trigger Internet Registration
  • If we make a member inactive, they only get deleted from the Internet Registration list if it is done by a club
  • Male/Female are counted in the statistics report 

Clublink Utilities 5.4d

  • Option for active only clubs in member level master club list and export list
  • Option to see additional roles in member level. The screen will widen and a drop down list will appear if a member is in more than one role.
  • Option to not automatically check the Central Office fee when registering members
  • Option to not automatically check the Club fee when registering members
  • Option to save pdf invoices and receipt to the Member Folder instead of a dated directory

Clublink 5.4V

  • July 27 Update: Changed Linked Registration Options will lookup the proper age range.
    July 27 Update: Export to Competition Host includes and option for Age As Of.
    V is for VISTA. We're now VISTA compatible
    Easier Search using Last Name,First Name
  • Birthday wishes from any Drop Button
  • Report button menu option to generate mailing labels in excel (no duplicates)
  • Report button menu option to delete all members on the drop button from Clublink
  • Ability to remove men or women from any drop button
  • Child's birthdate appears on the Invoice
  • Invoice option to show taxes
  • Permanently remove a report from the report list on any drop button
  • Show club membership statistics from the Report menu in Member Level
  • Drag members from the phone lookup list directly onto a scheduled class without having to open the class first.
  • Class fee descriptions with a zero amount will appear on the member worksheet.
  • Copy a member's mailing address to the clipboard
  • Copy and paste a registration form to and from the clipboard
  • Receiving the Central Office Setup Disk no longer blanks out Club assigned fees.
  • Individual payment receipt and full account receipts available (Child Tax Credits)
  • Build and print custom attendance forms

Clublink 5.0

  • Clublink can be used in German
  • No need to specify your currency type. Your computer currency setting will be used.
  • Drag n Drop a report (*.rpt) file into a report window and register it automatically
  • Turn Keywords on/off on the General Tabbed page, to display all keywords
  • Barcode enabled. See your unique member barcode on the Affiliate tabbed page. We can incorporate barcodes on membership cards, reports, etc. Contact us.
  • Report Wizard. Pick and choose who you want to add to the report button (dates, checkboxes, roles, active status)
  • Reminders section: Birthdays this month, birthdays next month, backup data
  • You can paste data from the clipboard directly into the registration form. Permits pasting from Internet web page submissions. If the text is formatted correctly, all fields will be filled in.
  • Drag n drop or select an image from the registration form.
  • Tutorials on Generating Reports, Moving Clublink, Exporting Data, Sample Schedules,
  • Importing Membership data has the ability to abort if duplicate members have been found
  • Generate a list of e-mail address from any Drop Button list
  • Add duplicate members (this role or all roles) to any Drop Button list
  • Generate Invoices as individual PDF documents (great for e-mailing)
  • Title case takes characters with accents into consideration
  • Enhanced Invoices - Custom letterhead
  • Enhnaced Invoices - Preview before printing
  • Financial Report : Transactions with Details, a list of deposited or not deposited transactions, including the details of the payments.
  • PDF Invoices will include the report location on the creation machine to be ISO 9001 compliant
  • Click the email icon on the Misc Tabbed page in Member Level to generate an e-mail for the current member
  • Click the Member Folder icon on tghe Misc. tabbed page in Member Level to create and open a custom folder for the current member. Useful for storing additional documents for the member.
  • Report Drop Buttons will remember the last used report
  • Backing up and Restoring data from Clublink Utilities will use a single file
  • You can turn off the question to show the fees page (done in Utilities)
  • Context-sensitve help implemented
  • e-book user manual
  • International Settings allows any postal/zip and phone formats
  • Auto adjusts for oversized fonts.

Clublink 4.1

  • Smoother and easier data entry (mouseless)
  • More shortcut keys
  • Optimized Data Export process with Internet uplink
  • Export schedules and classes to html website files
  • One-step backup
  • Advanced data export features (zip and e-mail)
  • Hot Swap (manage multiple installations of Clublink without shutting down)
  • Drag n drop photos from Explorer into Clublink
  • Cancel button when generating lengthy reports
  • Faster Add-all method for Drop Buttons


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