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What install is best for me?

There are two different installs.
One for Windows 7 / VISTA and a the second
for everyone else (XP and 2000).
What is the difference?
XP will put all your files in a normal place.
\program files\ISS MMS Trampoline
VISTA and Windows 7 will put them in a “safe” place.

Don’t worry, if you need to access the files, there is a button on the Check List page to open the directory..

Latest Versions

ISS MMS 2.2 March 2011
Run Event 1.8 March 2011
Event Viewer 1.4 Jan 2011
Display Results 1.0 Oct 2010

What’s New

  • [2.2] Export to Excel for Synchro
  • [2.2] Specify a minimum score to advance to finals.
  • [2.1] Export to Excel when not using all disciplines will be in the correct format
  • [2.1] Generating all PDF documents will include ‘x’ mixed events
  • [2.1] Mixed trampoline (girl and guy) is permitted
  • [2.1] When generating the Excel Airtime file additional instructions are provided.
  • [2.1] When scoring an event from the ISS MMS the overwrite option is much more precise.
  • [2.1] Menu item on how to build an Excel import file.
  • [2.1] Additional help is available from the Events section on changing qualification scores.
  • [2.1] Events can be run as direct finals.
  • [2.0] Optional airtime for Trampoline events
  • [2.0] Auto-resize for larger screens
  • Automated safety backups
  • Long event file names
  • Custom event file names
  • Bonus field in a separate column on reports
  • Can be used on a computer using Large Font Size.

What’s New
Run Event

  • [1.8] Incorporation of  minimum score to advance.
  • [1.7] Bonus field works the same as the DD field
  • [1.7] When making cuts, allow the bonus as an option (sometimes only exists in finals)
  • [1.7] 4 judge events are calculated properly (take the average, make it a 5th score, then drop the high/low)
  • [1.7] Airtime: Option not to include it in the scoring (checkbox in Run Event)
  • [1.6] Optional airtime for Trampoline events
  • Add Athletes/Teams on the fly (version 1.4)
  • Print scores for verification show penalties and bonuses
  • Print manual score sheets
  • 4 new save options (shortcuts)
  • Save / Print Verification and Make Cuts for Finals
  • Save / Print Detailed and Make Cuts for Finals
  • Save / Print Verification
  • Save / Print Detailed
  • Print Detailed results (phase only). If we are scoring finals we only get finals
  • Can be used on a computer using Large Font Size
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