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What`s New in Clublink 6.0

Version 6.12 released March 2013


 What`s New



  • 6.12 Tax receipts: Settings will be saved
  • 6.11 OK button to assign member reports...fixed
  • 6.10 OK button to save member notes...fixed
  • 6.09 Recognition of generic sports
  • 6.08 Missing sport logos on opening screen
  • 6.08 OK button when deleting fees not responding
  • 6.07 Custom user registry settings ??? Major bug fix for VISTA and Windows 7
  • 6.06 Bug fix for 64-bit Windows : Closing Fee Details window
  • 6.05 Bug fix for 64-bit Windows : Cancelling Member Worksheet
  • Runs on all Windows operating systems
  • Generate tax receipts for a group of members on a Drop Button
  • Set custom colors and fonts to Class Level schedule tabs
  • Remember your last Fee Assessment
  • Auto-Update family member information with an e-mail option
  • Changing Active Status goes to the History page
  • E-mail buttons in Class Level
  • Enhanced Attendance forms (use recreational custom titles)
  • Drop Button: Assign a current date to a group of members
  • Print Option during the Import Verification process
  • Modify Option during the Import Verification process








  • Easy networking (menu option)
  • Saves server resources (runs on the local machine)
  • Personalized options (machine specific)





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